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Sites Analyzed: 8
Total Sq M: 183,990 sq m

C-suite executives don’t guess.

This report delivers the necessary data to make decisions on your sustainability rollout program.

Sustainability as a Service gets it done.

Executive Summary

UrbanVolt’s proprietary analysis and pricing platform for multi-site companies. Upgrading to LED lighting is Step 1.

Your Annual CO2 Reduction

4,271,746 kg CO2

Equal to annual carbon sequested by

5,026 acres of forest

Your Annual cost reduction
UrbanVolt Service Fee
Your Total Savings
Before After Reduction
kWh 7,994,089 kWh 1,953,305 kWh 6,040,784 kWh
Cost +
Your property portfolio can create

16 GWh

of solar power worth €2,468,520 annually

Generate Electricity from Solar

Your portfolio could provide 224% of the energy required to power your building's lighting based on current usage.

With UrbanVolt's Light as a Service (LaaS), your portfolio could provide 945% of the energy required to power your lighting.

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8 Sites Analyzed

Liverpool 5,000 sq m £0.12 256,143 kWh 181,132 kg CO2 £30,737 2,000 sq m 1,250 300 kWh £7,750 £22,987 View
Longford 15,000 sq m €0.12 232,077 kWh 164,113 kg CO2 €27,849 6,000 sq m 3,750 900 kWh €23,250 €4,599 View
Cork 15,000 sq m €0.15 755,028 kWh 533,919 kg CO2 €113,254 6,000 sq m 3,750 900 kWh €23,250 €90,004 View
Belfast 18,000 sq m £0.18 556,984 kWh 393,872 kg CO2 £100,257 7,200 sq m 4,500 1,080 kWh £27,900 £72,357 View
Edinburgh 22,000 sq m £0.16 680,758 kWh 481,399 kg CO2 £108,921 8,800 sq m 5,500 1,320 kWh £34,100 £74,821 View
London 23,990 sq m £0.12 1,181,317 kWh 835,370 kg CO2 £141,758 9,560 sq m 5,975 1,434 kWh £37,185 £104,574 View
Grammer Berlin 40,000 sq m €0.16 986,017 kWh 697,263 kg CO2 €157,763 16,000 sq m 10,000 2,400 kWh €62,000 €95,763 View
Dublin 45,000 sq m €0.15 1,392,460 kWh 984,679 kg CO2 €208,869 18,000 sq m 11,250 2,700 kWh €69,750 €139,119 View

Disclaimer: The prices shown are valid if the wiring infrastructure in the area to be fitted with LED lighting is fit for purpose. The price provided assumes that current light fixtures will be replaced on a like for like basis by LED fixtures. If the area requires rewiring or light fixtures are to be moved from their current location in the building then additional charges will apply.

UrbanVolt delivered on everything they promised - a lighting upgrade, energy savings and cash savings. And they carried out the project at night to avoid disrupting our business.
Reinhard Schwake, Facility Manager at Syncreon

The Scale of the Opportunity

Savings vary site by site across your portfolio. These graphs show current and potential kWh consumption and cost.

Annual kWh savings available

Annual € savings available

Start With The Big Wins

Upgrading your portfolio sites to energy efficient LED lighting with UrbanVolt will save an average of 755,098 kWh or €111,176 per site.

Here are the sites that will save the most kWh and €.

Top 5 kWh Savings

Top 5 € Savings

Key Benefits

of UrbanVolt’s Sustainability as a Service


Benefit from your scale

Standardisation across all of your sites allows you to benefit from your scale. This drives out cost, streamlines administration, and increases the success of every project.


Know your numbers

Our online platform gathers all your site-specific data and tells you the size of the opportunity for carbon reduction across your organisation.


Create a roll-out plan

We help you create a 12/24/36-month roll-out plan that is guaranteed to deliver the results outlined in your scoping report.


We take the journey together

We assign a full-time project manager to your business to co-ordinate project scheduling and local site interactions, reporting back to you on the progress.


Make it pay for itself today

We provide all the capital required and you pay us a portion of the savings every month. With every completed project, your P&L becomes more sustainable and is protected against future energy rate increases.

Financial Benefits of 'As a Service'

No Capital Outlay
Pay As You Save
Off Balance Sheet

UrbanVolt's Sustainability as a Service

Full Service Solution | No Capital Outlay | Pay as You Save